The countryside has always attracted me, seductive with its aromas and its lilting fluidity.

I discovered a beautiful corner in the green hills of Irpinia, nestled between a stream and a small wood.

I discovered a beautiful corner in the green hills of Irpinia, nestled between a stream and a small wood.

I fell in love and, surrounded by unspoilt nature, I appreciated its noises, its colors, and its beauties even more.

I appreciated its noises, its colors, and its beauties even more.

The Taurasi DOCG territory has a wide variety of soils, from which a multiplicity of expressions of the Aglianico grape can arise.

Our ambition is to learn to listen to the earth and realize our dream to “achieve quality wines, which completely express what the earth suggests and which are original, typical of the region, and immediately recognizable.”

Salvatore Gaeta


The agronomic and oenological conditions are entrusted to winemaker and friend Vincenzo Mercurio.

We are in full agreement with his thoughts, which are now our own: “The intimacy between the root of the vine and the earth hides the secret of the quality of the wine.”

We have always practiced organic viticulture and the company is obtaining certification. We do not use any chemical synthesis other than sulphur and copper.

We have a naive outlook, humble and respectful towards nature in all its aspects.

This changes the perspective and the way of relating to the land.

 We prefer symbiotic silence where you can hear breathing and learn to evaluate the changes and be able to act, almost instinctively, depending on the circumstances.

From the beginning the viticulture respected the environment and applied a ‘natural’ method.

We are increasingly convinced and persuaded, that “The formula to get great wines combines terroir and men” (Francois Moer and JacquesDupont).

We have started a process of slowly approaching “nature”, trying to acquire an increasingly fine sensitivity to the environment that surrounds us and to appreciate the value of the undisputed “biodiversity”.


The vineyards are in open countryside perched on the crest of a hill 490 meters above sea level.

Not surprisingly, the area is called “Toppolocozzetto”, which means near the top.

Not far away are the mountains of Terminio-Tuoro that provides the frame. A tributary stream of the Calore provides the background music.

The soil is sandy loam with some limestone, which is combined with volcanic elements, sandstone and shale.

The climatic conditions vary distinctly from one season to another, with extreme temperature changes.

The rainfall is low.

In general, the winter weather is harsh and it often snows.

In summer the climate is very mild.

Temperature, rainfall and wind conditions in the area are almost ideal for a gradual maturation process and a balance between sugar and acidity, allowing fine wine production.

This favorable situation is clearly due to the geographical location and mountains in the territory.

The slower pace of maturation means the harvest is very late, normally in late November, thus obtaining grapes that are richer in extracts, alcohol, tannins and acidity.



Technical Info

DenominazioneCampi Taurasini DOC
Uve100% Aglianico
VignetoPlot in Castelvetere sul Calore (AV)
EsposizioneEst - South Est
Altimetria490 mt s.l.m.
SuoloClayey - sandy with a moderate presence of limestone
Forma di allevamentoGuyot
Densità di Impianto4,500 vines per hectare
Resa ceppo2009
Anno di Impianto1.1 Kg/vine
VendemmiaManual – end October-beginning November
VinificazioneLongmaceration of 21 days
AffinamentoSteel and wood
Esame organoletticoIt has a dark ruby red color with purple hues; the nose is complex with intensearomas of ripe cherries and blackberries. The taste is fresh, soft and persistent.
Temperatura di servizio18°C, uncork bottle one hour prior to serving



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83040 – Castelvetere Sul Calore (AV)

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